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What is Seo And Different Type of Seo Techniques

What is Seo And Different Type of Seo Techniques

SEO or Search Engine Optimization Technique use to ranking our website top of the Search Engine boosting  our website on search engine.seo check organic and unique content place our website on top ranking. you want to rank your website on search engine must you care about Seo optimization your website.without seo in your website you can't ranking your website because many website are available most content available on internet best of them quality of content are rank on search how to seo Different Type of Seo Techniques are used to optimize your website and ranking your website on search engine.this method are used to optimize content and process to rank website on top of the search engine is to create Privacy Policy Page In Blogger.

because search engine one type robot is check all things quality of content ,unique content,keyword searching and use specific algorithm to check our website its use a specific Different Type of Seo Techniques use for rank your website so in this article i will tell you this three method or techniques first is White hat seo second is Black hat seo and third are called Grey hat seo its three method are most importent in seo.using this technique you easily rank your website on search below explain all Different Type of Seo Techniques. YouTube Go

 in Detail.How To Write A Good Post For  Blog. before Learn more check out:On-Page SEO:How to Perfectly optimize website latest guide 2017

What is Seo And Different Type of Seo

What is SEO?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is technique to rank and index your website on search engine.You want to index your site on search engine you must SEO implement on your website.and top rank on search engine not only create website and write content ad leave. you Want rank this on google  SEO must apply on website so friend how to rank and how to optimization which technique used all thinks are tell you in this article so,you want to rank your website on google read complete article i tell you all Different Type of Seo Techniques.How to Free Design Website using Blogger.

Different Type of Seo Techniques

Different Type of Seo

white hat SEO

First technique is white hat seo it most popular techniques for SEO.uses white hat seo technique for seo in your website need to implement content quality,internal linking,keyword density are check search engine and high rank your website it followed guideline of google and followed all rules of search engine it check also,basic tips of seo.
  • Good Content of your post. Asphalt Nitro
  • keyword Density or keyword searching.
  • proper title,meta tag and Heading
  • inbound link
  • quality of content . psiphon 3
  • length of your content
  • easy navigation of website
all things are check in white hat seo  it followed search engine rule for rank your website its good practice keep white hat seo on website so,i tell you used this technique for rank your website on search engine.and it also On-page seo.

Black hat SEO

second technique is Black hat SEO this technique  no followed rules of search engine  no followed guideline of used this technique no care about quality of content,intarnal link and unique content its no check it all think like white hat check outbound link,submission directory,guest post all of thinks are used in this Balck hat SEO.Black hat seo no followed any rules search engine it work outside of our website it check link building and comment on forum of your no work with in website it work out of side website and check also,
  • link building outside linking Whatsapp Apk
  • commenting your site on other website
  • submit directory
  • social media bookmarking 
  • guest post
  • submit Article
  • Clocking
  • Duplicate content,How to Increase Website Traffic.
all thinks are used Black hat SEO but i tell you its not good practice because using this technique you rank your website on google but not long time.your website get more user and visitor but it technique no followed any rules of search engine that most chance to de-indexed your site not long time ranking on search engine so friends i tell you you followed Whits hat seo for ranking your Affiliate Marketing Program.

Grey hat SEO

 third technique are Grey hat SEO this technique use both white hat seo and Black hat seo its followed rules of search engine and also used Black hat seo both techniques are used in this Grey hat SEO.its not fully white hat SEO or not fully Black hat SEO its transform balck to white hat and white to black hat seo is used combine both seo and rank your website on search engine.

so dear friends you practice with all  Different Type of Seo Techniques and choose any Seo technique for ranking and indexing your website on google you work with all technique and i tell you one and fact think about SEO.SEO is not Give result fast it take some times you used White hat SEO it take some time to rank your website on search engine and in Black hat SEO give result fast but it short time no longer rank your site on search friends you choose technique is rank your site long time no short because long time get better indexing more user and long crawling your website.
final word:
what is seo and how to seo on your website are most important thinks using this, Different Type of Seo Techniques you rank your website and keep in mind choose those technique is  rank your website long time like White hat SEO this technique most popular but you get short time and fast response used Black hat SEO and any question rehgaading SEo please tell me or comment below comment box,so i hope this article is helpful for you,What is Seo And Different Type of Seo Techniques.


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