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On-Page SEO:How to Perfectly optimize website latest guide 2017

On-Page SEO:How to Perfectly optimize website latest guide 2017

On-Page SEO is  type of SEO using this method you optimize your website.but i'm sure you know about On-Page SEO only meta tag and keyword density no heard more than that so how to really work on-page seo on website or blog.i tell you how to On-Page SEO:How to Perfectly optimize website latest guide 2017 in this article.practically how it implement on site and rank your website.if you want to learn about all think read full article and any question friendly ask me  i tell you better,how work On-Page SEO and how you implement on your website.On Page SEO Techniques Latest SEO Guide 2017.


now see how realy work on-page seo practicaly implement in your blog its not only talk about keyword and mata-tag but many thinks are keep in mind and write post and make on-page seo on your website.Freedom Apk 

Why On-Page SEO?

if you want rank your blog on search engine?you want get more traffic and unique visitor? your answer is Yes,so SEO is required to optimize your blog Search engine optimization are most important factor.How to Increase Website Traffic.

    Search Engine is nothing but Set of algorithm,Set a more than keyword using it rank your blog on search engine.Affiliate Marketing Programs Make Money Online
  •     but question is why not ranking a post on search engine?VidMate
so,friends many reason and more mistake we are do when write a post our blog or website and only On-Page SEO is not  consider more other factor are affect like link Building,and off page seo,VidMate
Whatsapp Plus today we are learn about On-page SEO,more other factor are not Good way for SEO It work but Short time And  On-Page SEO is Good Way for rank your Blog on Search engine we are Follow On-Page SEO smart way to Rank Your blog,using On-page-seo Search easily rank target keyword and rank blog on top of search engine.VidMate before We learn more You Know About some Thinks Given Below Check it.what is off-page seo?
more think Content is most important in your post after put video on a post it make your content are informative and user friendly so ,On-Page SEO:How to Perfectly optimize website latest guide 2017.

On-Page SEO:How To Perfectly  Optimize page Using On-Page SEO(update 2017)


On-Page SEO:How to Implement On-Page SEO On Website Step By Step Guide

1.Use Short URLs(SEO Friendly)

 Choose URLs short And Sweets no longer URL Choose,And include Target keyword in URLs.Avoid Ugly or longer URLs Like; its not Good For On-page SEO,so friends URL are short and SEO Friendly.

2.Starting  TITLE Name with KEYWORD

Include your Keyword in Title Because Title Is most important  For On-page SEO.Starting a Title with Your Target keyword.

Beginning of With Target Keyword is Good Practice For On-page SEO.

3.Include a Modifier  in Title

Add Modifier On Title Like Latest,Guide,Review And 2017 Is Add Your Post Title Because This Modifier is help you to Rank Your Keyword in Search Engine.VidMate

4.Keep Your Title in H1 Tag

H1 Tag is Heading Tag,in WordPress Title is Automatically Add in H1Tag.But Some times This Feature Avoid By Some Themes So,It Check Your Title is H1 Tag or not.And Put Title Keyword In H1 Tag.And Keep in your Mind Only one H1 Tag include all over Post No more Than one H1 Tag are include.

5.Put Subheading In H2 Tag

You also Put your Keyword In one subheading and it subheading With Target Keyword Wrap In H2 or more H2 Tag are allowed in post you also make more subheading in your post and wrap with keyword in H2 Tag.

6.Repeat Target Keyword In First 100 Word

Drop Target Keyword in Your First 100 Word  That Search Engine Are Understand What Your Article  about all.But Some people Are Give Intro And Use Keyword Later After 100-150 Word But this no good Way Of On-page SEO Your Target Keyword are Place On Between  100-150 Word.

7.Responsive Design

Design Your Website is Responsive also mobile Friendly,you make your site mobile friendly must be design is Responsive .Because Responsive Design is better for Mobile device most of people are nows day use Mobile so Make your Site Responsive for all device that Responsive Design is most important factor in On-Page SEO.

8.OutBound Links

 Create Outbound links is Method of White hat SEO Get More Traffic On Your Blog.Put Outbound Link Related Post And make sure other site are related content using Outbound link google check your Blog Quality Content,i create 2-4 Outbound link in per1000 Word.

9.Internal Links

used 2-3 internal links in every have 50 internal links in all have 2-5 older post to create new post and make internal links you best example of internal link is Wikipedia,more rich keyword are include in internal link.

10.Fast load Site Speed

Loading time must less than 4 sec no more take time to loading because most of people no time to wait no re-visit our site it go other also check speed of your website in .
so,loading time of your website is most important in on-page SEO. increase loading time of your blog make compress images no put high size images on site.

11.Image Optimization 

Include one Images in your content and its File name Keep Target Keyword and also Alt Tag in include a Target Keyword.images optimization most important factor in On-Page SEO.images is say all about post.And It Images has no longer size and compress images no take long time for laoding post.

12.Using Social Buttons for Sharing

Social sharing not important factor for Google Algorithm  But it indirectly boost ranking your website on search not play direct role But On-Page SEO in high ranking your blog use Social media to Boost your Website.

13.Long Content Post

your Content long length minimum 1000 plus Word in Most important factor in On-Page SEO.Longer Content Post are Boost On First Rank in Search Engine so,friends use long content 1900 Word are use in content in very good practice.Whatsapp Plus

Long Content Are Help you to Set Target Keyword And Get More long Traffic on website so,make practice to Length your Content my all post has 900+ word And log length because On-Page SEO Are check your content length and Rank your post on google.

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Here Other Fact About On-Page SEO List Below 

Quality Of Content:

Quality Of Content No tell about any meaning less Content,Your Content are useful and Meaningful Your Content Quality is high all user are stay on your post and Read it. so it Other Fact about On-Page SEO is Quality Of content,User Are Satisfied Your Content and Re-Visit your site or Blog.WifiKill Apk

Add Quality Of Content Make Readable and User Friendly Content Check For How Write Good Post.and also check about White hat SEO In your Blog check about this.

Blog Comment:

In Your Blog High Quality Comment And Good Review For Your Blog it make Better For Your Website Because Google Search Engine Are check Blog Comment And High Rank on Search Engine Google also check Comment What Review About Your Blog It check In On-Page SEO.Whatsapp Plus

So,Friend i tell you Lots of Fact about On-page seo but you also visit How To SEO And Different Types of SEO Technique And  On-page SEO is no work about one day it take more time you also keep in mind your post has Quality Of Content,Strength Length Of Your Content,Target Keyword Are wrap h1 tag,used your keyword in title,also use target keyword in subheading,used modifier in title,on-page seo in most important Factor are responsive designing and user friendly check out what is white hat seo how to ranking your site on google.and internal link are most important on-page SEO google check Outbound link and internal linking in your blog or site.and also share your site on social media like Facebook,Twitter,Google+ not directly work but indirectly rank or Boost your site on search engine.

Check list of On-Page SEO:

its checklist about On-page seo you make sure you Properly implement On-Page SEO in your site keep in mind this tips given below.

Placement of Keyword:
  • Put keyword in title.
  • write target keyword in first paragraph.
  • Drop keyword in URL.
  • Write keyword in ALT tag in images.
  • file name or image Also about keyword name.
  • put LSI in body and also H2 and H3.
  • keyword Density are 1.5%.
  • put keyword in H1 tag.
Other important things On-Page SEO:
  • Add  Video or infographics and Slides.
  • Post in minimum 500 word.
  • image size are compress no load on your site.
  • meta tag size 65 character or less than 65 character.
  • meta description also less than 150 character.
  • out bound link to high quality site.
  • internal link relate articles.
  • share  facebook,twitter.Freedom Apk 
This Thinks are Not to do in On-page SEO:
  •     No more than one H1 tag use.
  •     No repeat Same Subheading.
  •     No hard keyword used.
  •     No short length content.
so,friends all about a On-Page SEO What to do for Rank blog and what you not do for optimize post,all about thinks are including in this Article and learn more please visit What is White SEO,and Different Types Of Seo Technique,Basic Tips Of SEO.

final word:
On-page seo technique used smartly it rank your site on google,write content is very useful and informative user are love it and re-visit site not only content make all thinks i tell you for on-page seo  How to SEO,What is Black hat seo,What is White Hat Seo,what is Different Types Of Seo,How to Write Good Post for blog all are about in On-page seo it check and work on the good way.i hope this article are help you to Optimize your Blog or website.On Page SEO Techniques Latest SEO Guide 2017

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