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On Page SEO Techniques Latest SEO Guide 2017

On Page SEO Techniques Latest SEO Guide 2017

On Page SEO

On page SEO Techniques is one more important factor for ranking your website in search engine it is process of place your blog on top of the rank in search engine On Page SEO Techniques not only use  for high ranking but its also used to campaigns for to implement On page seo Techniques  in your website how it important i tell you all about thinks in this article before you go ahead we learn more basic terminology And also check  On page SEO:How to Optimize website latest Guide 2017.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is process to place your website or blog top of the rank on Search engine its all process that need to do for improve ranking and place high position in Google or other various search engine that check your All thinks That need for ranking your site.for high rank your site you must need work with most important technique On page SEO and Off page SEO

You perform every process in internally website its call On page SEO like[Title,Content,Heading,and formatting] in post and other you perform every process outside of your blog or website boundaries  is called Off page SEO.YouTube Go

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What is On-Page SEO? 

On-Page SEO are Follow rules of Search engine and high ranking of your website,On-Page SEO is Process in internal Website it process to do rank your web page or website in google or other search engine.its all about depends on search engine we need to do process that satisfiy google algorithm and its rules.
its help to indexing your web page in google and crawl  in search engine.Game Killer App

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO are Don't follow rules of search engine it work outside of website boundaries like Link building,Social Media Sharing etc.and get more high traffic on your website its force to search engine to rank our website.Visit What is Off Page SEO?Latest Update 2017 for More Lear About Off-Page SEO.

On-page SEO is Better Than Off-Page SEO?

Question is On-Page SEO is most important than Off-Page SEO?You want to Ranking,indexing and Get more Traffic on your site both method are importance in seo but i tell you On-Page SEO is most important than Off-Page SEO because On-page SEO followe rule and work intarnal Website,without On-Page SEO not Work Off-Page SEO so First complete On-Page SEO in your site its follow Guide about On-page SEO it Explain.

1. On-Page SEO Understand User: more important is make satisfication of our user its main goal so keep in mind make user happy,but Off Page SEO is not user friendly off page seo  only give our website to traffic.

2.  On-page SEO Need:On-Page SEO is need when your website on business and need local search in Search engine that time On-Page SEO is important to rank website on google using that rules.

3. On-Page SEO come Before Off-Page SEO:you want to rank and get traffic on your website that go to order in first complete On-Site SEO and After Off-Site SEO.Game Killer App

 On Page SEO Techniques  Latest Guide 2017

 More Factor are affect On-Page SEO But i tell you main 5 point to keep in mind and optimization On-Page SEO in your website.

On-Page SEO is more Efficent Technique for Ranking website  in this article i tell you how to practically implement On-Page SEO on blog lets go ahead check my old post For SEO.

On Page SEO Techniques Latest SEO Guide

1. Url Structure

On-Page SEO in url structure is most important factor. it make user friendly and no long length  of Url is sweet and short.

Permalink Url: It unique for all pages and it separate by hyphen - to each word and it less than 255 char length for good url.

Good Url Are:

Bad Practice : or it is not good way to fix url.

Url Categories: Your Website in keep post are Categories because it way are efficient for user and search engine to find anything are faster and easily.

But Remember no more sub-level Categories-example Good categories SEO>SEO-Techniques>On-Page SEO.

its No Good Way :SEOTutorial>SEO>SEO-Techniques>On-Page SEO.

2. Titles 

On-Page SEO in most important are Title most Of People Read Title first,no have time to read full article make  your title is well and good,most 64 char long Title No more Length And Add Modifier in Title.

On-Page SEO in Most important Target keyword so Include Target Keyword In Title because Search Engine are check post in also check your Title,Videos,images etc.

Page Titles: Write Your Page Title Are Unique because it help user and our Search Engine to easily understand About Post,"On-Page SEO" its  Page Title major Factor.

Page Formatting: In On page SEO Keep Proper Formatting use heading and Subheading,no more Time Use H1 heading and Title Also Write In H1 tag.

And Highlight some importance word Through BOLD,Underline  And Italic.

Formatting in also keep Font size good like 12px and also text are write small piece paragraph for batter understand. WifiKill Apk


its most and first king Factor are Content,keep Your Content are Unique and informative no duplicate copy of other content its our writing and readable also check How To Write Good Post For Blog and also good Content are also batter for SEO it major factor of On-Page SEO.

Original Content: No rewrite or No copy Of Content all are unique in content like Image,video,infographi,slide etc.

Content publish  by Our Post First: you publish a post content but same content are publish other website it not good for On-Page SEO,any trick and information came in market first publish our website give first information share through our blog.

Content Make  more Informative: content are informative as well as readable for all people not one dimensional content make more informative to add video,images and slides to batter understand for user.

On-page SEO In Content Length: content length are most important in On-Page SEO,so not publish short article.Game Killer App

you put content length up 900 word i follow 1900 up word in  post  because all about are include in content and increase real time of page it batter for ranking our page in search engine On-Page SEO.

4. Internal Links

 Internal linking in your blog are important in On-Page SEO because people are come your post and read and go don't any other link but have internal link for your website that it check out your other post and search engine are know about your other article that intrnaly link in your popular article so internal linking are more search work google.

Internal linking through search engine know about other post: when search engine are read your post it check your page and internal link are available it also see it,and more batter when internal link are related a post and informative so, search engine check your other post and also rank.

Internal linking through increase spend time of user on blog:

user are came in your website and read your beautiful Article and click on other internal link for more information and reload it your new post and read it increase real time of system user and user spend more time in your site through internal link that search engine are  see user spend time on your site and increase value of the post and make it rank fast in google. Asphalt Nitro

important about Internal link:
  • Put internal link on web page body not footer and side bar.
  • no more than  15 internal link in your blog.
  • keep practice all link are content relative and informative.
  • not keyword only in internal link.

5.Mobile friendly And Speed

Mobile friendly: Now's Day all people are used smart phone most of search through mobile so your Website are not properly open on mobile device it means you  lose more people traffic  in your your website are mobile friendly check How to Free Design Website using Blogger.

On-Page SEO also check Template design Responsive Or not and check your website are mobile friendly or not,and make mobile friendly your website.


Speed are most important in SEO for ranking your Blog or need to check page speed in website how much take time to load a particular page also check PageSpeed of your blog. 

speed are a most ranking Factor of On-Page SEO. so it avoid loading time of your page on blog.and make user friendly of your blog or website.

On Page SEO Checklist 

in this Complete Article We Discuss About On-Page SEO Techniques in checklist some Important point are check out and you also Download Pdf of Check list and also check of On-Page CheckList.

Click Here To Download Pdf Of On-Page SEO Checklist.

On Page SEO Checklist:

Url Structure
  • url are sweet and short?
  • put page group category?
  • HTML Sitemap?
  • it separate by - hyphen?
Title or Page Title
  • use keyword In Title?
  • Title are unique? Whatsapp Apk
  • description length 150 char?
  • Title Length 64 char?
  • image in add alt tag?
  • use Text Formatting  H1,H2,Bold,underline and italic?
  • font size are readable?
  • Text are Separate small Paragraph?
  • image have proper description?
  • image size optimization or not?
  • Content are unique?
  • Content Length large And informative?
  • Content publish  by Our Post First?
  • Content are meaningful and user satisfy?
Internal links
  • link are Post Content Related?
  • It informative internal link?
  • in Link used keyword and non-keyword?
Speed And Mobile Friendly
  • check page speed it 90 % score of website?
  • also check mobile friendly and check mobile friendly test?
  • check loading time of page and image,video etc.?
On-page SEO is most important than Off-Page SEO.On-Page SEO are Done After that You Go on Off-Page SEO And Get More Traffic and Ranking On Search Engine using On-Page SEO In this Article i Give all Thinks About On-Page SEO And How to Indexing your blog on Search Engine And Which Point to be Done and For On-Page SEO, you  followed This Article I sure Your Website are Boost Ranking on google and one Fact think about SEO is not work only 5 day it take some Time Like 1 year Or 2-3 Month Not say fix time On-Page SEO.Game Killer App
final word: 

On Page SEO Techniques Latest SEO Guide 2017 that improve rank of your website and indexing your target keyword,also check content,heading,Title and Url structure And Check What is White hat SEO?And Different Type Of SEO techniques it also require Off-Page SEO to Get More Traffic on Website,so Dear Friends i hope This Article are useful For you,if you like this Article please Share it and Any Problem Regarding SEO Please Ask me Trough Comment Box I Give Solution about Your Question Thank You!!,On Page SEO Techniques Latest SEO Guide 2017.

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