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How to Free Design Website using Blogger

Design website

hey,friends now days Design Website is very Easy but ranking a Website on google is very difficult.But today i will learn you how to Free Design Website using Blogger and How to rank website on google so friends in this article i will learn how to Design Website most of people Design Website but google not rank this website because Do some Mistake so in this article i tell you How to properly Design Website And rank on google How to SEO on learn "how to Design Website" and how it rank on google some tips and tricks used in your website and Earn  Money Through Website.How to create Privacy Policy Page In Blogger.

i share my experience for design website and use this tips i sure your website is rank on google with in month.i tell you some fact things about how to free Design Website  using Blogger its check all things in website your website heading,website Title,Website Content,Website View,Website Template that used in your Design Website all things are effect to your website so, friends first i tell you how free Design Website no any hosting charge no any investment only Domain purchase and Design a Website.but guys now days most people give money for ranking website and designing website but i tell you fact things SEO on website is no any 5 or 6 day work is big process it take one month or six month no any fix one year to take for seo but i tell you some tips how to Design Website and how to SEO on your Website you followed this tips that i sure your website rank in google with in one month so guys in this article i give one source to Free Design Website.VidMate

How to Free Design  Website using Blogger

So Dear Friends i will give you some tips and trick for Design Website some fact i will tell you and using that things and followed it.i sure you Design Website professionally and user intuitive. so how to Design Website a user friendly,fast loading,user interface design and consistent style to make your website follow and Note down some tips that explain below.On-Page SEO:How to Perfectly optimize website latest guide 2017

How to Free Design  Website using Blogger.

1.User Friendly 

make your website are user friendly but question is your mind what is user friendly and how it friends user friendly means user or visitor are easily and fast access your website move one page to other are easily not difficulty to user to find some it make your website user friendly you add navigation or navbar top of the website.using this navigation user are easy to get information and user fast find information.KingRoot Apk

2. good interface design in your website

how good interface in Design Website so friends in your website all element position are same to all pages like logo of your website title and navigation and sidebar all element are position are same place to all pages in make your Design Website is intractive and intuitive.

3.create your website in consistent style

friends third importent thigs are consistent style means look your website structure your website make consistent make practice  same font style to all pages and size of font avoid to different font style make layout of Design Website is consistent use css style to design intractive Website.
  • css -cascading style sheet use in your website to same design in all pages and all out layout it using css make all element have same color,font size and more things about layout so layout is  most important  Design Website.What is on-page seo.


 readability is most important things to Design Website make your website is readable all content are readable make seprate some element bold some specific font heading are used in proper manner easily readable by user and link any sentence that it make carefully clear read sentence bold specific word that most important in your content.and some specific word write in block latter (capital) so readability is most important to Design Website.VidMate

5.Test Design Website

last phase Test Design Website means all things properly work or not it check you put link your content that check it link open or not and check loading time how much  time take to load images and check responsible layout.ShowBox For Tablet

so friends it some specific trick to keep in your mind when you Design a Website and you want to put images in your website those image are smaller size and not put more images your website because more images is take more time for loading  your webpage so lets start how to free Design Website or blog using blogger.On Page SEO Techniques Latest SEO Guide 2017

Free Design Website using Blogspot And what is Blogging?

How to Free Design  Website


hey,guys you hear this word blogging but what is blog as website how it work and how to earn money from blogging.i will tell you free Design Website using blogspot and how to make responsive website and how to rank this website in google in this article i tell you what is blog and use of blog and you Design Website easily without spend money and without any investment so read this full article to get some knowledge about a blogging so question is what is blog?in google and other website give different defination about blog its no one has many definition but i tell you in simple word share some specific idea and knowladge through one platform is called blog you share your knowledge to other person so, how to create blog how to post some ideas i will tell you in this article now days all user used mobile app and mobile browsing so Design Website is responsive site that friendly with mobile so dont worry i explain you all things in detail in this followed step to create blog,how to free Design Website using blogger.What is On-page SEO.

how to create/Design blog ?

  • create account on blogger visit and sign in.
  • after sign in click on create New blog button.
  • Enter address your website name.
  • .choose template and click on ok button. KingRoot Apk
  • now simple blog are create and link with domain our blog.
  • after some setting are required go to setting in left sidebar.
  • click on basic and enter title of your blog.
  • enter discription of your blog and save the setting.
  • and you want permission to access your blog as a admin or author that invate through email.
  • and after save all setting goto post and create new post.
  • now your blog is ready and share your ideas.Affiliate MArketing Program.
now some specification need to keep in mind when create blog so dont worry about this i will tell you what importent thing are required to Design Website or blog.Increase Website Traffic Free. responsive

Now,days all people are used mobile so our blog or website browsing and take lolading  time are same both mobile device and click on theam in left sidebar and  see mobile view and desktop view so friend so easy in blog to Design responsive Website blogger provide that service because you want to your Website intract more people and more visitor are visit that make your website mobile responsive so in main things in your blog layout.

2.practice to keep website is simple.

keep your website template is simple easy to uderstand visitor and load fast all visitor want to simple use no difficulty find any information our text and navigation all element are keep simple design view of website so friends layout of our website keep simple user friendly it provide template by blogger.

3.Avoid those feature that not support on mobile device

many mobile are not support some features so those feature not  include in your website  like popup,java frame and some plugins those not support in mobile device most people are used mobile browsing so avoid those feature that not support on mobile device. Whatsapp Apk

so friends its easily you create website using blogger and follow my trick and keep mind all tricks than your website is rank in google with in one month and earn money online.How to Free Design  Website using Blogger. Asphalt Nitro

 final word:
in this complete article we learn about How to Free Design  Website using Blogger and how to Design Website to user friendly and responsive for all devices and i told you how to blog create and Design Website so all trick and tip are regular update and in this website missingseo i tell you how to seo and Design Website with seo ranking in google so missing seo always help you any time any question in your mind so please comment in below comment box.

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