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What is Bounce Rate For Blog/Website And How To Decrease Bounce Rate

 Bounce Rate For Blog And How To Decrease Bounce Rate

What is Bounce Rate And How To Decrease Bounce Rate Every Blogger To need to know about what is Bounce Rate in Blog or website.Whatsapp PlusYes,If you Don't Know About Bounce Rate then read this Article And Decrease Bounce Rate Of Your Blog.If You Know About Bounce Rate And Your website Bounce Rate is high then it is not good for your website or blog.So, Decrease Bounce Rate and Follow My Tips to Decrease Bounce Rate.

How To Decrease Bounce Rate for your blog.If your Blog Bounce Rate Up to 35% then it Not Good and it more then 50% So,Freedom Apk Friends it Very Very Bad For your Blog.Now I tell You How To Decrease Bounce Rate and How to Avoid it.Because in SEO Bounce Rate Are most Important Factor.You can Get More Traffic and user in your blog.but it not read your post and not click any other post of your blog.Whatsapp Plusthat not meaning of that type user of see and Close your site Without read Article or post.this problem are Affect in your Blog and increase your Blog Bounce Rate.So,'How To Decrease Bounce Rate' And How To Become SEO friendly Blog.All Tips i tell you in this Article.Download GBWhatsapp Apk

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What Is Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate Means How Many People are visit your website blog only one time and not open your other page of not see your other post and not read your article only see page and move or close.Freedom Apk 

I Explain through example-if your blog Bounce Rate Are 60% that means 60 people are visit your website only one time and move other.It not stay in your blog or Article And not open any Page of your it is not good.Because in SEO Are check Bounce Rate Also,if you Have More or high Bounce Rate then it is bad for your Blog.Game Killer App
What is Bounce Rate && How To Decrease Bounce Rate

In simple Less Bounce Rate Of Your website/Blog Are Good or Well And Good For you.But How To Decrease Bounce Rate.So,Read this Fully Article for Decrease Bounce Rate Of Your Website.So I tell You Some Tips to Decrease Bounce Rate.And How To Create High Quality Back link .

How To Decrease Website Latest Tips  2018

Freedom Apk If You search on google how to Decrease Bounce Rate then many more Information are tell you.And many website not give proper way or good information.but Don't Worry i tell you Some tips this Are help you to How to Decrease Website Bounce Rate.So,Read My tips Care Fully.Download GBWhatsapp Apk2018

1.Decrease page Load Time.

so,it is very important factor for SEO.If you want to rank your website on search engine.So,Must Avoid high loading time.yes,if your blog loading time is less then it is good and it help you to rank your site on google or other search engine.Game Killer App

So,Decrease Page loading because user are visit your blog but your blog take more time to load, user are move other website and not open other page or post of your,i suggest to you decrease Page load time it Help to you Decrease Bounce Rate of Your Blog.

2.Attract a User

So,User are most important for,you try to be choose Article Related user.if User are like to play Game.then this are not read Article related,you Share on social media Group Related User.That interest in your Article And Share it.VidMate

And Write A good Post so,User are stay on your Article And Read.So,User Are Important For Decrease Your Bounce try to make Article Intrastate And informative.So I give some tips how to Get Visitor.Freedom Apk 
  • Select Proper Keyword.
  • Write Unique Content Or Create Multi Page in your Blog Post.
  • Write Good Title And Meta Deception.
  • Put Article Related Images.Game Killer App
If you Follow this i Sure Your Blog Bounce Rate Not Increase Day By Day.Or "Decrease Bounce Rate" And Rank Your site in search engine.VidMate

3.Write Quality Content

Quality Content is most important.It give Reputation of your blog and also increase reputation Of your Blog.Because User Are visit your site and They Get Exact information he/she want to Get.Then it Again Visit your Website.

SO,Provide Quality Of Content not fake information or no any wrong detail share.if you sure then it post in your blog or share.VivaVideo Pro App Free Download 2018

4.Create Good Usability/Design

Freedom Apk if Your Website Designing is Poor then no any user are read your article.because it is not user friendly blog.user are not easily get information.

Suppose in your blog post contact form but it have no proper designing one textbox is right side other button is on left corner.So,keep Good And user friendly designing of your blog.

So,Look Are are good and content are best then i sure all user are Attract and read your Post And Spend More time.And it Help you to Decrease bounce rate.Whatsapp Plus

I Hope this Article Are helpful to Decrease Bounce Rate of your Blog and i will try to explain in easy way "What is Bounce Rate" And How to Avoid Bounce rate.Also Google Analytic And Search Console are help to you.

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Final Word:

 So,use this Tips And Decrease Bounce Rate of your Blog.So,friend in this article i tell you All things About how to Avoid High Bounce Rate and How to Decrease Bounce Rate.So,Follow This Tips And Decrease Bounce Rate Of Your Blog.So,if Any Query related Bounce Rate Then put comment i can give you solution.So,What is Bounce Rate For Blog/Website And How To Decrease Bounce Rate.Whatsapp Plus

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How to Create Free Blog On Blogspot Complete Guide 2017

How to Create Free Blog

 How to create Free Blog:Create Free Blog for sharing your knowledge to people its best way to share anything you want to and also Earn Money From Create Free Blog Now day Blog spot are Blogging Platform How to Create Free Blog many platform are available for create blog i suggest you create blog own Domain and Own Hosting Space but you have no idea How to Create Free Blog and you want to Create Blog Without Any investment so start with Blog In this article missingseo Tell You How to Create Free Blog and Share your knowledge or make money online,Create Free Blog On Blogspot are best way for beginner  to Create Free Blog and after become sucessful blogger you start with wordpress and own hosting space in this post i will tell you all tips and trick How to create Free Blog and after create blog important How to Write Good Post For Blog lets go,How to Create Free Blog On Blogspot Complete Guide 2017.
How to Create Free
Blogspot are allow to Create Free Blog but it have some limitation so i suggest you after you get idea about blog you create blog own hosting space because it more easy and very simple to implimetation  using plugin.

Blog are most popular and Google provide you to free,How to Create Free Blog On Blogspot Complete Guide 2017 its followed step to create blog before we go ahead check some old post about SEO And Blog.

Many Blogging platform to allow to user to Create Free Blog you want to create simple blog i suggest or Plus Apk
So  I tell You good way to create Free Blog follow step by step and Create Blog On Blogspot begin Process.imo app
Create Free
This Article are help all Blogger Beginner to  Easy Create Blog On Blogspot Complete Guide you Create Blog and Earn Money Online so you must create Professional Blog and try to create User friendly blog so follow step.ShowBox

Create Free Blog Step-by-Step Guide 

Create free blog click on this link and login with your google account you have not a google account that create for free one gmail account provide by google.
you first time login on blog then ask about profile for identify you use google plus profile or use limit Blogspot profile i tell you choose google plus profile for identify.Whatsapp Plus Apk

after you login blogspot than click on New Blog you redirect using this link Create New Blog .

Write Name Of Your Blog :
First you create blog give Name Of your blog that you want to give add your blog name and domain.

After write Blog name you also choose template for Create Blog and click on button create blog see image.
how to  create free blog on

 create free blog but its not done yet you also do the some settings on blogger for easy to used blog.
some setting like create pages About Us,Contact Us,Privacy Policy, and home after it complete need to go setting option and set some information after Create Free Blog i tell you below. 

now you on blog dashboard and go to setting option for improve blog visibility Free Desing Website Blog And click on Post->new Post and start to write post in blogger how to write good post for blog
check it for more information.
after that you also change your template go to settings->Template and change it.and i suggest you choose template are responsive.

How to Create Free Blog On Blogspot Complete Guide 2017
 After that you put logo on Header and also set favicon on title bar for making professional and informative Create Blog.

Note:This post are more help  full all beginner blogger to create blog and you have few post on blog so you go to Earning and apply for Adsense and Earn Money Online. For Earn money you check also post link are given below:

almost your blog are complete now you work with created blog and write Good post For Blog & Increase Website Traffic .
so in this article i try to give some basic knowledge about How to create Free Blog and How to Create Free Blog On Blogspot Complete Guide 2017 if any question in your mind please ask me through comment box i tell you best suggestion if you like this post please share it get more information about SEO and its trick visit my Post :
This all post are help full you to Become Professional Blogger you follow this guide and work it Increase Reputation of your blog,How to Create Free Blog On Blogspot Complete Guide 2017.

Final Word:
Create Free Blog and Share your Think Want to share it and also Earn Money From it in this Guide Create Free Blog easy and after become professional you create Own Blog and work and Also check for White Hat SEO and On page Checklist,How to Create Free Blog On Blogspot Complete Guide 2017.and after you follow all tips and trick about seo i sure you become Good Blogger and share knowledge more and make your blog informative,userfriendly and also responsive so i hope this article are help to How to Create Free Blog On Blogspot Complete Guide 2017.

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What is Affiliate Marketing Programs and Make Money Online Complete Guide 2017

What is Affiliate Marketing Programs and make money online Complete Guide 2017

Affiliate Marketing Program heard this word now marketing Business  so What is Affiliate Marketing Program and make money online how work with Affiliate Marketing Programs in this article i tell you how work with Affiliate Marketing Programs and Make money  now day all are want to make money online but what is way to make money how you trust any organization and Affiliate Programs is one way to make money online to promote some product and sale that product and earn commission from it.Freedom Apk 

but question are how promote product to public so you promote product using website you put link in your Blog or Website but most important is traffic you are promote product on your blog but in your blog no traffic no visitor so no purchase product by visitor because no visitor no purchase product so main thinks are traffic so also Visit How To Increase Website Traffic.Affiliate Marketing Program is way of Earn money online to promote product and sale it.Whatsapp Plus 2018
Affiliate Marketing Programs are not way rich you in one night but you understand the work of Affiliate Marketing and how to Exactly need to do make money online by Affiliate understand What is Affiliate marketing programs and make money online so read this article.
Affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Affiliate Marketing Program is one type of Business Affiliate Practice you choose any Organization Affiliate Marketing Program and sale or promote this product after that it sale you earn some commission from it.Whatsapp Plus 2018

Affiliate Marketing Program is Easy way to earn money online you not create any product but put product link in your blog or website and promote it take some commission that sale referred by your link. i tell you step by step all thinks about Affiliate Marketing Programs in this article.

Affiliate Marketing:How Do Work With Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Now First join Affiliate Marketing Program and after approve you select product want to promote in your blog or website,and get code this code simple put in your blog or website after anyone click on this product images it redirect on product site after if purchase product you earn some commission from this product it simply you put more product link in your site traffic are come it and any interested visitor click and purchase that product and you easily earn some money form it.Freedom Apk 

different Affiliate Marketing Program use different payment Term that are given below.

PPS(Pay Per Sale):In this method Merchant pay some percentage after sale complete.Whatsapp Plus 2018
PPL(Pay Per Lead):it paid you once when visitor are give contact info or fill contact form in the product sale website
PPC(Pay Per Click): PPC term depends number of traffic are come from your link or website it sale or not.

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Affiliate Marketing Program with amazon Step by Step Guide 

Amazon is best provider of Affiliate Marketing Program more people use amazon because it trusted organization and more thing amazon Affiliate link valid till 24 hours  and other most important it visitor redirect from your link and that purchase other product means it not purchase your link product and it other any product are purchase than you valid for Commission you earn that product commission,if you want to earn money from amazon affiliate programs than read full article and understand very well.

i tell you below all step how to create account in amazon and how to join with Affiliate Marketing Programs and earn money online so follow step.

Step 1:First you click below link Amazon Affiliate and redirect amazon home page.
Step 2:then you click on join free now Button or option.
Affiliate Marketing

Step 3:After Create Account Enter your Email Address and Password and create account.
Step 4:After create account you should fill some information like this below given image.
1.Payee Name:In this field give your name or name of people that create account.
2.Address Line:Enter your Valid Address in Address line1 and other Second Address line2 and Addressline3 put Empty no any problem.
3.City:Enter your City name.
4.State:Enter Your State name.
5.Postal code:Enter your Pin code Number.
6.Country:Enter your Country name.Whatsapp Plus 2018
7.Phone Number:Enter your Phone Number. first when you own account create otherwise second.
9.You are U.S person that select yes otherwise no.
10.after all form field are fill up click on the next button and Go ahead Fill Affiliate Marketing Program Form.Freedom Apk 

Step 5: After that above All are complete you fill next in this field you have any website or Android app then put this Url in this field ans click on next.
amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs-Missing SEO

Step 6:in this field Enter Detail of your Profile i give guide in below.
1.Store Id:it one type of this field put unique username.
2.About:Enter Description of Website.
3.Choose Topic:select your topic about a website,your website related topic are choose.
4.Choose Items:Select item that want to sale in your blog sell all item that you want to sale.
5.Select Type Website:Select in this Other and blog and go ahead.
6.Drive Traffic:Check On Blog and SEO and go ahead.
7.Generate Income:select which method used your website for income.
8.Build Link:Select HTML Editor.
9.Visitor: select how many visitor are come monthly in your website.
10.Reason Joining with amazon:Now in this field you select other.
11.About us:In this field select blog post.
12.type character that see in the images.
13.after that click on agree option.
14. and click on finish button.
Step 7:After You click on Now Button and fill Your Payment Detail otherwise Click on Later Button and fill Other some time not now.
Affiliate Marketing Programs-missingseo
Congrats ,now tour amazon Affiliate account are created after that you need wait for approve it send you a mail for approve or not,and your account are approve than followed below step for mak money online from Affiliate Marketing Programs.Download Whatsapp Plus Apk 2018.

How To Create Affiliate Marketing Programs link And Earn Money Online

Your Affiliate Marketing Programs Account are Approved than you choose product that you want to sale in your blog and any visitor are click on this then you earn some income so how to create Affiliate Marketing Program link follow step.
  • First you Login Your Affiliate Marketing Account.
  • And open and search item that you want to sale and click that product and open the page.
  • so Toolbar in Text,image,Text+image click on any and create a Affiliate link.
  • click on Text then one link are see that link are copy.Whatsapp Plus 2018
After that copy link are paste in our blog or website and any visitor are click on the product link  and purchase than you Earn some Commission from it.

so friends In this article missingseo is tell you how to Work with Affiliate Marketing how to earn money online easy way now day earn money online is  all are requirement more then people work online but this Affiliate Marketing Programs are most Easy and  very popular way of Make money online i hope in this article you understand about Affiliate Marketing and its Affiliate Marketing Program. i hope this article are help you to Make Money Online and if you like this Article please share it thank you!!

Final Word:
What is Affiliate Marketing Programs and Make Money Online Complete Guide 2017 in this article we learn what is Affiliate Marketing Program?,how do work with Affiliate Marketing Program,also tell about step by step Guide of Affiliate Marketing Program amazon and How to Create Affiliate Marketing Program And Make Money Online so friend also check my old post about SEO,how to Increase Website Traffic for free (Update 2017),White Hate SEO,On-page SEO,Off-page SEO,Ethical SEO and Design Website Free,How to write Good Post for blog all are informative post visit on-page checklist and any problem and question please ask me in comment box i give you best solution of your problem thank you!!Whatsapp Plus 2018

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What is Seo And Different Type of Seo Techniques

What is Seo And Different Type of Seo Techniques

SEO or Search Engine Optimization Technique use to ranking our website top of the Search Engine boosting  our website on search engine.seo check organic and unique content place our website on top ranking. you want to rank your website on search engine must you care about Seo optimization your website.without seo in your website you can't ranking your website because many website are available most content available on internet best of them quality of content are rank on search how to seo Different Type of Seo Techniques are used to optimize your website and ranking your website on search engine.this method are used to optimize content and process to rank website on top of the search engine is to create Privacy Policy Page In Blogger.

because search engine one type robot is check all things quality of content ,unique content,keyword searching and use specific algorithm to check our website its use a specific Different Type of Seo Techniques use for rank your website so in this article i will tell you this three method or techniques first is White hat seo second is Black hat seo and third are called Grey hat seo its three method are most importent in seo.using this technique you easily rank your website on search below explain all Different Type of Seo Techniques. YouTube Go

 in Detail.How To Write A Good Post For  Blog. before Learn more check out:On-Page SEO:How to Perfectly optimize website latest guide 2017

What is Seo And Different Type of Seo

What is SEO?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is technique to rank and index your website on search engine.You want to index your site on search engine you must SEO implement on your website.and top rank on search engine not only create website and write content ad leave. you Want rank this on google  SEO must apply on website so friend how to rank and how to optimization which technique used all thinks are tell you in this article so,you want to rank your website on google read complete article i tell you all Different Type of Seo Techniques.How to Free Design Website using Blogger.

Different Type of Seo Techniques

Different Type of Seo

white hat SEO

First technique is white hat seo it most popular techniques for SEO.uses white hat seo technique for seo in your website need to implement content quality,internal linking,keyword density are check search engine and high rank your website it followed guideline of google and followed all rules of search engine it check also,basic tips of seo.
  • Good Content of your post.
  • keyword Density or keyword searching.
  • proper title,meta tag and Heading
  • inbound link
  • quality of content . psiphon 3
  • length of your content
  • easy navigation of website
all things are check in white hat seo  it followed search engine rule for rank your website its good practice keep white hat seo on website so,i tell you used this technique for rank your website on search engine.and it also On-page seo.

Black hat SEO

second technique is Black hat SEO this technique  no followed rules of search engine  no followed guideline of used this technique no care about quality of content,intarnal link and unique content its no check it all think like white hat check outbound link,submission directory,guest post all of thinks are used in this Balck hat SEO.Black hat seo no followed any rules search engine it work outside of our website it check link building and comment on forum of your no work with in website it work out of side website and check also,
  • link building outside linking
  • commenting your site on other website
  • submit directory
  • social media bookmarking 
  • guest post
  • submit Article
  • Clocking
  • Duplicate content,How to Increase Website Traffic.
all thinks are used Black hat SEO but i tell you its not good practice because using this technique you rank your website on google but not long time.your website get more user and visitor but it technique no followed any rules of search engine that most chance to de-indexed your site not long time ranking on search engine so friends i tell you you followed Whits hat seo for ranking your Affiliate Marketing Program.

Grey hat SEO

 third technique are Grey hat SEO this technique use both white hat seo and Black hat seo its followed rules of search engine and also used Black hat seo both techniques are used in this Grey hat SEO.its not fully white hat SEO or not fully Black hat SEO its transform balck to white hat and white to black hat seo is used combine both seo and rank your website on search engine.

so dear friends you practice with all  Different Type of Seo Techniques and choose any Seo technique for ranking and indexing your website on google you work with all technique and i tell you one and fact think about SEO.SEO is not Give result fast it take some times you used White hat SEO it take some time to rank your website on search engine and in Black hat SEO give result fast but it short time no longer rank your site on search friends you choose technique is rank your site long time no short because long time get better indexing more user and long crawling your website.
final word:
what is seo and how to seo on your website are most important thinks using this, Different Type of Seo Techniques you rank your website and keep in mind choose those technique is  rank your website long time like White hat SEO this technique most popular but you get short time and fast response used Black hat SEO and any question rehgaading SEo please tell me or comment below comment box,so i hope this article is helpful for you,What is Seo And Different Type of Seo Techniques.