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High Quality Backlink For Your Blog (Latest 2018)

  High Quality Backlink 

High Quality Backlink:Hey guys , Today we will learn about how to create High Quality Backlink for your blog.What is high quality backlink for your blog. What is the High Quality back link ? So, We learn about High Quality Backlink and High Quality backlink is very important for your blog/website.If you write a very good post but  your post there are High Quality backlink is not available then many problems are arises like your website can not come at the top. If in your website High Quality back link are available then there are many chances to came up your website at the top in google search engine.If we want to increase a traffic so it's necessary to put a High Quality back link in your blog/website and your blog/website ranking is increase.Most of The visitor visit your blog.High Quality Backlink is a part of off Page SEO.The main important thing is that how to make a High Quality backlink for Your  blog/website.If you don't have any knowledge  High Quality back link then first of all we learn about  High Quality backlink.

High Quality

How to Get High Quality backlink for your blog or website.

 There are 6 steps to Get  High Quality back link And you follow this Guide and create High Quality Backlink.

Step1: High Quality Backlink from Popular website 

On The Internet popular or reputed website are available.For ex:- There are many government sites, marketing and business,we use this website to create a High Quality back link.

If  website are more popular then search engine trust on this kind of website.So we should put a high quality backlink in popular website in which most of the visitor visit the we have to get more benefits.

popular website just like news website, Wikipedia etc. but one thing is that if the website are more popular then it is difficult to get a High Quality back link from the sites.or for that we have to write a High Quality post is very important.

If you want to know about that website is popular or reputed  or not. so we have to check page Authority and Domain Authority of website.Click here for check. If Authority is more then google can trust this kinds of website.

Step2: Backlink from High Quality Page Ranking

The meaning of high page ranking is that the page of rank is high.we have to get High Quality backlink from this page whose page of ranking is high. so,we have to get more benefits compare to low page ranking.It's not necessary that low page ranking value is not but we talk about High Quality back link. so,we get  High Quality back link from High Quality PR.

Step 3 : Backlink from same content page

This  High Quality back link is very the content of your page is same as content of other website and the back link is came from the other,the value of the backlink is very good.

using page Authority or high page ranking to make a High Quality Backlink is very difficult. but you can make a back link from the same content in a very manner.For that you will contact a website like as your website.

Step 4 : Types Of Website

Here, we are talk about High Quality Backlink so we must have to knowledge about High Quality Backlink.

We can not make High Quality Backlink from any other site Just like we can submit article in the web directory and we get back link from that , In that we should tack care about the web directory Rank is good or not.If the rank of web directory is not good then we can not get benefit from this type of web directory.

Now a days google is very understanding about all things. Google understand that web directory is only for back link so, it dose not give a importance. Instead of this we make high quality back link from education and top blog.Using education and top blog to create a High Quality Back Link  is difficult but we will get amazing result.

Step 5 : Backlink Placement 

The meaning of High Quality Backlink  placement is that,where we put High Quality Backlink for our website or blog just like header,sidebar,footer.
Here we necessary to tack care about where you are put the High Quality Backlink ,Google are indexed to website  from top to bottom manner.
If your High Quality Backlink  is in Header or Sidebar then the value of High Quality Backlink  is very good.
If you are put,High Quality Backlink  in the content (POST) instead of Header , Sidebar and Footer.

Step 6 : Number of High Quality Backlink 

 How many High Quality Back Link  are available in our website or blog it doesn't matter. If in your Website there are many low quality back link are available then google consider this back link is bugs.This many number of back link we will not get the sufficient result.So, you must be tack care about we will get only better quality not a Quantity.

If we will create Thousands of low Quality back link &  10-20 High Quality Backlink the result of both back link is nearly same.
final word:
 So,High Quality Backlink are most important factor For your blog.You create high Quality Backlink then it give best result and Increase traffic of your website.So,In this article i tell you about High Quality Backlink and benefits About High Quality Backlink.Which type of site are give you good Backlink.So,You Must Create High Quality Backlink for your Blog And Make Popular and good Your Blog on internet.So,I hope this Article Are help you to High Quality Backlink For Your Blog (Latest 2018).

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Basic Wordpress Plugin Make Your Site SEO Friendly Latest Guide 2018

Basic WordPress Plugin Make Your Site SEO Friendly Latest Guide 2018

hello Friends,Today i will share WordPress Plugin that Make Your Site SEO Friendly.And It Must Be install on your Blog.this WordPress Plugin Are Most useful it have many advantage I Will Tell you 10 WordPress Plugin they are Make Your Blog Secure and Safe.So,This Basic WordPress Plugin You Are install On Blog then It Defiantly Avoid For Hack and Spam.If You Beginners WordPress Blogger and you don't know Which  Plugin Are useful for your Blog.Then Read This Article,I Will Share Some Basic WordPress Plugins That are Must be install In Your Blog.
WordPress Plugin

What is Plugin? How Can Download WordPress Plugin

What is Plugin:So,Plugin is Group of function or method they Add on your WordPress Blog Or Website.This Plugin are Give a Extra Feature to Your Website,Gan rally Plugin Are Develop in PHP Language.It Added On Website And Make Your Site More Secure And More SEO Friendly.It Give Any User To Advance Features To your WordPress Website.Without know Code Of Any Language you can Add Extra Facility using WordPress Plugin.It Easy for any user to add extra security knowing any line of code just added WordPress Plugin.

So friend If you Want to Download WordPress Plugin then Download it.Now i Will tell you basic WordPress Plugin they useful.This Plugin must are install on your blog and make more safe and professional website.So let me tell you some WordPress Plugin.

Basic WordPress Plugin Information 2018

So,Finally i Wil Share Some Plugin Name That Install on your blog.And Also i Share Download link For WordPress pugin.If you Want  to Download Then Do i
This Plugin Are Default Available On WordPress Website.Only Active It.This Plugin Remove all Spam Comment Automatically From Your Website.You can Activate AKISMET plugin then Follow Step:

Go to AKISMET Website and register their .
After Register,You Get One API Key,It just Paste On AKISMET Configuration Page.

Now AKISMET Plugin Are Active On Your Word Press Blog.

2.Two-Step Verification:
This Plugin Are use for Security purpose.Security are more important for WordPress Website.If You Want to make more secure your Website then use,Two-Step Verification  Plugin. Two-Step Verification

3.WP Super Cache:
This Plugin Clear Cache Of your Memory And Fast Load your Website.If you want to make fast your website and less load time then WP Super Cache Plugin Install on your Blog. WP Super Cache 

4.Yoast SEO:
This WordPress Plugin Are Useful For SEO.Yes,Friend It check Post Tile,Meta keyword ,Target Keyword or meta Description all point are check and help to make your Post SEO Friendly.This Yoast SEO Are Best Plugin for SEO.  Yoast SEO

5.WP Smush:
In the Website SEO Or Speed Are Most important.If you used Quality Image then more chance to take more load you website.and if you compress image then More Difficulty For SEO,SO WP Smush Plugin Help to Compress Image and make Qualti image with Maintain Speed Of your site. WP Smush

6.Postmatic Social Commeting:
 If you Want to the user are comment through his/her Social media then you install this Plugin .Note:WordPress Give Comment Facility But They Not Connect With Social Media. Postmatic Social Commeting 

7. jetpack:
This Plugin Are most Useful and very popular.jetpack are give you Traffic detail and provide Widget that use on Your Website.And Allow You to Automatically Share On Social Media like Facebook,Twitter,And Google.jetpack

  8.Contact Form 7:
If you Want to create Contact Page then This Plugin are most usfull.Contact Page are most important for Any Blog.Using this Plugin You create Contact Page and user direct contact on your email through this page.Contact Form-7

9.Beaver Builder Plugin:
This Plugin Are use For Designing Purpose.You simply Drag and Drop And Create Easily Design Using this WordPress plugin. Beaver Builder Plugin

10.Google Analytic and Webmaster:
You need SEO tool for SEO on your Website. this plugin Very useful.Using this Plugin you are Verify Your Website on Google . Google Analytic Webmaster

So,WordPress plugin Are most useful and I List Some Plugin that Important for your blog.You can Download And Install On Your WordPress Website and make More Secure And Informative.

Final Word:
So,WordPress Plugin Are Most Important And Very useful For your Flog.In This Website I Tell you Some Plugin.It WordPress Plugin Install And Add Extra Feature On your Blog,Without Any Coding.So it Make your Blog SEO Friendly And More informative.So Install WordPress plugin On Your Blog or Website.

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SEO Tips And Tricks Get High Ranking Your Post in Search Engine

SEO Tips And Tricks 

 SEO Tips And Tricks:Hello Friends,If you want to Get High Ranking In Search Engine for Your blog or want to Get more traffic that you load right page.I tell You Some SEO Tips And Tricks,That help you Increase Ranking of your post and Get more traffic.So,Without Good SEO Your Content Are nothing.Of You Want to good Ranking then Seo is main this Article I Share you SEO Tips And Write Good Post For Blog But No Traffic On your All are Waste because no are user are visit your blog then no meanings of your Good Post.Id you Write Good post  And Good content Then Well And Good but Only this are not enough.SEO Are most important For Your Blog.But What is SEO? How to do and whats a factor are consider for ranking in search engine.
Latest SEO Tips &&
SEO Tips && Tricks
Latest SEO Tricks: Now days many People are Work online and earn money.Many People Work On Blogs.Blog Are Most Popular Platform to earn money.I Tell You SEO Tips then you follow it,i sure you it Give good Ranking and more traffic on your blog.SEO is are most important factor On-page seo and Off-page seo,and also share your post in social media and create Backlink much more.So, In This Article I Share You SEO Tips-Trick ,carefully read it.i try to Explain in easy way for you.before go ahead read This Post:

SEO Tips And Tricks For Beginners Blogger To Ranking Blog  

I Share Some SEO Tips  Below,you Read And Followed them and get high  ranking or improvement on your Blog.
Good Content:
Write Good Content In your Post.Your content are readable and understood by a User,so Write Unique content and best easy language are used in Content.also check How To Write Good Post For blog.

Optimize images:
 If  You used Images in your post.that make is seo friendly,image are compressed and no take time for load in post.And also add ALT tag,caption in your images.

Used Short SEO Permalink In your Blog.and do not used any Special character in permalink.

Proper Internal link:
You also Put Internal link in your post.Means You Put Link Of your Other post is called Internal link,and Also Remember One think When you used internal link then write Post title is best avoid Click here,Goto link word.

Use Header Tags In post:
Used H1,H2 or H3 Tags in a your use Header Tag in proper manner like first H1,H2 and after H3 tag used.

Remove Duplicate Content:
Yes,Your Content Are 100% unique,Write Own Word Not Copy Post Other Website or Blog.and also used Tools For checking Duplicate checker Click here.

Create Video Embed Blog Post:
You also Create Video Regarding post and Put In a Your Post.

Use Main Keyword:
In On-page seo are most important is Keyword targeting,If You Rank Your Post Specific Keyword.This Keyword Are used Many time In a Post.But Remember manage Keyword Density And Bold,Italic and Underline On Keyword.Also Keyword Are Used In Images.

Ads Placement:
Give Pure and Clear Content Of Your User or Visitor.No More Ads Are put in a post and Ads Put in Proper Place.

Use Google Analytics:
It One type of tools that give you information about Visitor like What a Country Of Visitor,How Many Time Are Read a your Post etc.create google Analytic Account Here.

ADD Social button:
Also ADD social Button In your Post Or Blog,If Any User Like Your Content then its Share Their Friends And Groups.

Speed Of Your Blog:
Also Check Your Page Loading and Blog Loading Time,If It poor then Fix Those Problem and Improve Speed Of Your Blog,Click Here To check Speed Of Your Blog.

Keyword Searching:
Before Write Post For Blog Must Research Keyword,Which Keyword Are Most Search in google And Target This Keyword And Write Good Post For Blog.

Write Search Description:
Search Description are Most Important Think For Ranking Your Post because Search Description are give You Short Idea About Your Post To user And Search Engine.So Write Good Search Description.

Build Backlink and comment:
Build Backlink Or Put Comment On Other High Authority Blog.Link Building are most Important Factor of SEO,You Create Of Put Comment Of Your Blog to Other Blog.

So, Friends Above I Tell You Some SEO Tips And Tricks. Then you follow this i sure Get High ranking and Good Traffic On your Blog.Above All things Are Important For Get High Ranking in search engine.

Final Word:
If  You Read Full Article Then Sure Ranking Your Blog in Google.This all SEO Tips And Tricks Are Useful For you.Check This For More Knowledge Free Design Website and Create Privacy Police Page And Also Check My missingseo Blog For More SEO Tips And Tricks.

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How To Create Adsense Account Step By Step Guide 2018

How To Create Adsense Account Step By Step Guide 2018

How To Create Adsense Account:Hey,Friends In this Article We Discuss About Adsense Account.And We Give Guide About How To Create Adsense Account Step By Step 2018.If you want to earn money without any issue you Create Adsense Account and wait for approve after approved your Blog for Google place Add in your blog or website and start to earn, in this post i tell you How To Create Google Adsense Account Step By Step Guide 2018 so read this full Article.SEO Tips And Tricks.

Create Adsense Account for your blog then you must read term and condition Of Google full fill all policy of google after then you Create Adsense Account Because You  Are not follow policy of Google Adsense and want to approve Gogle Adsense that is not,first you need to read term and condition and create Google Adsense Account otherwise your Request are not approve by google and after Second time face problem to Approve Adsense so,In this Article I tell you  How To Create Adsense Account Step By Step Guide 2018.

Create Adsense Account-missingseo
Create Adsense Account

in a simple word you Create Adsense Account when your Blog are Complete no any mistakes in your blog.your blog has no copy content,no navigation or design website are good and post are readable user friendly. 

How Create Adsense Account Step By Step Guide

Now You Want to Apply For Google Adsense Then Follow My Step and Create Adsense Account.
Step 1:Firs You Go to Adsense Site And Sing Up In Site click here.
Step 2: After You Go on site You login with your Gmail Account.

How to Create Adsense

After You Login With gmail after then see new page like a below screenshot.Than Click On  Login With Current Account.

How To Create Google Adsense
Step 3: Now Open One Web Page and Fill Detail about your blog.

1.Enter Your Website Address.
2.Enter Language Name That Use in your Blog.
3.Click on save and continue.
4.After open one form and fill all detail very care fully.

Step 4:

Google Adsense Account
1.Select Your Country.
2.Timezone:Enter time of your location,if are you from india that select (UTC +05:30) Kolkata.
3.Account Type:If you use for personal than select Individual In Account type.
4.Name and Address:Enter your name.
5. Enter Your Perfect Address,Enter True address Because Google give you one code that enter in your account for Verify Address.
6.Primary Contact:Enter Your name.
7.Enter your mobile name.
8.Enter your gmail.
9.Where You know about Adsesnse account.
10.if you want to Email from Adsense that Select Yes.
11.Click on Submit My Application.

Step 5:Enter your mobile name for verify.after enter mobile number select call or voice and click on Send Verification code.
Create Adsense Account
Step 6:After Enter Code Than Verify mobile number.

Apply Adsense
Step 7:After Verification a code Open One PopUp Box.And Read a Term And Condition And check click on Accept Button.

Step 8:After click on Submit Button One Message  Are show on  next page.
Yup,Now Your Account Are successfully Created.

Adsense Team are check your Blog and your Adsense are approve than Adsense Inform you Through Your Email.

While your account are approve then it inform you through email.then you login in adsense account and place ads in your blog or website,but remember Ads are blank not display anything in Ads.

After Place Ads in blog your website again check and Adsense Team see Ads are perfectly Place or not In your Blog Or Website.

Means You Want Approve Adsense Account Than you face to phase first create adsense account it approve then second phase is you place Ads in blog or website.Ads are perfectlly shown in your blog that fully approve your adsense account.

How Many Time Are Take For Approve Adsense Account  After Create Adsense Account

In a India More people are apply for adsense than take some time to approve within one-two days or one month no fix time but you dont worry about this you start your work continue and wait for Approve your Adsense Account .

After Your Blog are perfectly complete then your Adsense Are Successfully approve and google are inform you.

So,friends Create Adsense Account And earn money online and keep in mind one thing when your blog are full fill policy of google then you apply for adsense Or  create Adsesne Account, because Google are most famous company not easily check all complete website or blog and then Send or inform you through email your Account are successfully Approve or not.

In this Article i tell you How To Create Adsense Account Step By Step Guide 2018 and give you all easy interface user friendly that's why you Face any issue when Create Google Adsense Account.

Final Word:

Create Adsense Account For Your Blog and earn money to online b4ecause now s day are all are want to earn money online but it are very easy way for those people. and also check privacy policy of google and then Create Adsense Account And Also Check How Create Privacy Policy Page and it term and condition,so i hope  "How To Create Adsense Account Step By Step Guide 2018" Are Help to create Adsense Account check for more updates here.

If You like this post please share it thank you gusy!!

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What is Event Blogging?How to Make Money From Event Blogging latest Guide 2018

What is Event Blogging?How to Make Money From Event Blogging latest Guide 2018 

Event Blogging is Very Popular now days many bloggers are create Event Blog and work on Blog because it is Less work and More Earn. Event Blogging are Source to make money Easily.event blogging provide high income with in 2 and are popular because in this Event Blogging Make Money with in short time,one year income you make with in two or three day. you listen income of Event Blog maybe you decide start Event is fast and easy way to make money online when your blog are rank on google,if you start blog only for Earn Money Online  then Event Blogging are a best way.

if you don't know about Event Blogging and what is Event Blogging and how can do Event blogging so read this article fully because in this post i tell you all think about Event Blogging and how you make money from blog.

What is Event
Event Blogging

What Is Event Blogging?

The Event Blogging 2018 is a Blog to choose One Festival and Work on,You Start work On Even Blog Before Event Or Festival are come to celebrate,you choose specific Event.In this Article I tell you which Type Event Blogging You choose and work on.So,Friends Many Festival are celebrate in the world and In the India most popular are Diwali,Happy New Year,Happy Holi Much more you also create blog on this like a Happy Diwali Quotes,Happy Ney Year Wish and Happy holi ,more think No create Event Blog Only on festival you also create Blog On Other Event Like Valentine Day,Happy Rose Day,Happy Chocolate Day etc,and also write On any Event  that Come Every Year.
Event Based Blog create On  incoming festival or Special days and sport,main Advantage of It is short time and Get More traffic on your Blog and make money Online With in Short Time using Even Blogging you Get More Traffic and More 1000$ with in one or two day.

1.Choose Event For Event Blogging 

Lots of Event are a popular you choose one Event and Create Blog For Event,i Listed Some event to choose and work on .
Holiday Festival:Happy Diwali Quotes,Happy New Year,Happy Mothers Day,Happy Christmas Day and Whatsapp DP Sayri Collection much more you like it choos and start Event Blogging.

Sports:Olympic,IPL,FIFA Word Cup,World Cup, BigBoss League,Wrestle mania, etc you choose.

Others:In the India Different Religious people are live you choose any one upcoming festival and start Event Blog for that Event.

Launches:Freedom 251,Reliance Jio,Champ one C1,Demonetization more other Days you choose and Work on.

2.How To Make Money From Event Blogging

After you start Event Blogging You have Lots of way to Earn Money From them like Google Adsense And Affiliate Marketing i listed below:
  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • CPA and CPI
  • infolinks
  • Chitika And Network 
  • Net
  • Promote Own Product  
It is some way to Earn Money Online Through Event Blogging so,it is easy way to Make money in sort time.

3.Domain Choose 

After Choose Event Blog Name You choose Domain Related to Your Event Blog.You must include Your Event Blog Name In Domain Name it help you to rank your Event.In Google  Fast And Easy.

and Your On page And Off page seo are good and best that your blog are easily Rank on google,don't worry for update Google algorithm,and you choose Event Blog  in india Festival like Independents day then .in domain or .com Domain are choose.but you choose international event then .net Domain are chose.

4.Write Quality Of Content

Quality Of Content is Most Important Factor of Blogging,you Focus on Target Keyword in the content.Write 100 more Word In a content because it long length Article Then  user Are spend more time on blog.

So,Write Post Long length 1000 plus Word and 10 to 15 are enough but you have only 500 word in content then you have 30 to 45 Article On Event Blog.

5.Find Keyword For Event Blogging

Keyword Searching are important In a Blogging,Google Are Index your Post through Keyword. you find proper keyword and work on the keyword,target on main keyword and Ranking your Blog Post in Google.

You search keyword on Keyword Planner It best Tool of find keyword for Blog,You choose keyword that high searching in google and it list top keyword and target on keyword.

6.Event Blog Set Up

After  Purchase Domain You Need to Hosting Space You Choose Platform Blogger or Wordpress.
Event Blogging  Go in Blogger because it very easy and free of Cost use and you able to paid Money Then go with Wordpress.

And Most Important Think bout blogger are not it Host Down It Use In Responsive Template And Work With Event Blogging.

7.Quality Backlink In Event Blogging

If you want to instant rank your post then you should create a backlink. It is a main part of SEO. using backlink you can increase your domain authority(DA). 

Generally, two type of  SEO backlink:
  • Dofollow backlink
  • Nofollow backlink
You can start to create backlink when you published 5-6 post. this is a very helpful for event blogging just because of organic traffic. 

My personal suggestion is a you can check another website back link from "SEO profiler". you can  use without paying real money. 

 Final word:

Event Blogging Are Most Easy Way To Make Money Online.In A short Time You  1000$ plus Income Earn With In 2 To 3 this Post I tell You What Is Event Blogging And How to Make Money From Even Blogging.and You choose Festival Event to rank in google also Check Latest Update Here.

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how to increase website traffic for free (Update 2018)

How to increase website traffic for free (Update 2018)

How to Increase website traffic is most of beginners Blogger question how to promote your website on search engine how to Increase website traffic for free because you want to increase website traffic you pay some money or little investment for build link of your website but How to increase website traffic for free (Update 2018) in this article i tell you how to increase website traffic for free so now  day create website or blog but no any user visit your new blog because he/she not know about your blog and search engine have no any information about your new blog it take some time to rank your website regarding rules and regulation after Design Website all blogger want to increase website traffic day by day but question are how to increase website traffic so friends i tell you some tips that i follow personally to increase website traffic on my blog some method that used high traffic get your website.
increase website
Increase Website Traffic
you want to increase website traffic so first most important are On-page SEO and Off-page SEO today we talk about Link Building you put your link to other blog and get traffic of website is link building are include in Off-page SEO you create external link and put other high pr blog is call as link building now go ahead please visit my old post for more knowledge link given below.
Link building are most important factor for increase website traffic link have two form Nofollow and Dofollow backlink i suggest you one thing you create Dofollow link for link building it also help to rank your blog or website on search engine and get more visitor it also Nofollow link help to increase website traffic but Dofollow backlink are best and more important than Nofollow so you have lots of question how to create dodollow link how to build so i dont worry i explain  you both method dofollw and Nofollow.

Increase website traffic:link building Nofollow and Dofollow

Dofollow means create link are follow our link it  know high pr backlink we are create Dofollowe link is help full for increase website traffic.
  • Dofollow link:so how to create Dofollow link it simple to it by default link are Dofollow link it allow to follow them and allowed to boost website on search engine. Example of Dofollow link <a href="">Dofollow link</a> no any attribute are add it hyperlink by default are Dofollow.
  • Nofollow link:no follow is html attribute Nofollow velue is instruct search engine to No follow or index it on engine used Nofollow link it not allowed to follow the link ,example <a href="" rel="Nofollow">.
Types Of Nofollow :
  • Robot meta Tag : <meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow” />.it tell to search engine no follow full page to crawl/spider.
  • Link Attribute:<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>. it tell search engine to no count it ranking page.

 Need to Do for Increase Website Traffic 

if  you want to increase website Traffic you must follow some Method that help to increase rank and increase website traffic for free.

Social Media Sharing:Social Media sharing is most important method to increase website traffic it indirect and Nofollow link but it does not mean its not important you share on social media link facebook,twitter and Google Plus put your link on this and increase website traffic.

Commenting:In this method you find list of high pr website and you put comment on this but one think keep on mind all site you choose it high pr and  high domain authority site you also find campatator site back links  and you put our website link.many site or tool are available to find back link of any website click here to check backlink.

Step 1:Enter Your Site name you want to check back link and click on get back link data see below screen to create Privacy Policy In Blogger

increase website

Step 2:after that see list many site you choose any link and put your link on this as a comment and increase website traffic some times.
in this method you choose those website it LIS are greater it see green mark persantage and put all Dofollow back link you follow this method that help to increase website traffic.

Submission Directory:it submission Directory is most popular and most important method if you want increase website traffic with in month used this method i tell you it give amazing traffic source in your website so how to submit directory link and Increase website traffic.

so friend open google and search high pr Dofollow submission directory one thinks are remember you submit directory Dofollow and rank are high.follow tips given below and submit directory.

Download list of high pr Dofollow submission directory here.

so now follow step and submit directory link so first download pdf that give you above and open any one directory from my given list and follow step.

Step 1:open directory in url and click on submit  link see the Screenshots.
Step 2:after click on submit link open one form see in Screenshot.
so,now how to fill all field that see on Screenshots so friend i tell you how to increase website traffic for free using submit directory so read below step and fill the fields.

follow step the fill submission directory for increase website traffic.

  1. Select radio button Regular link free 
  2. write a title of your post that you want to ranking or get traffic on the post.
  3. after URL field in Paste your post url in this.
  4. it most important part Description you write search description in this field and not write more than 1000 char it limit 1000 that given below field.
  5. Meta Keyword,enter meta keyword of your post it limit also 100 or 150 no more than char allow.
  6. Meta Description field in write Description of Meta Keyword it limit 250 char no more than in allow.increase website traffic ,
  7. enter your name.
  8. enter email for verify.
  9. it most important category you choose category of your post like Blog,computer,education etc.any one are select and move ahead.
  10. check the agree submission rule.
  11. after all field are complete click on continue.
 if you want to more website traffic than all directory in submit your link and also select free pricing you want to increase website traffic fast than you pay some money that given in submission directory form so it increase website traffic fast and rank on search engine. so friend no only it submit link but you also submit a Article and also submit forum and increase website traffic for free.

now days if you want to rank your post or website your blog have more visitor its most important for you and your blog because without website traffic no you earn money and no ranking your website on search engine so follow my tips and increase your website traffic and any problem than ask me comment box i help you and i hope this article are help you to "increase website traffic".
final word:
You follow this tips and method you easily increase website traffic and also check Off Page SEO and How to write good post for blog,Different Types Of SEO and Ethical SEO Techniques what is White hate SEO all are check and learn about MissingSEO any problem and question you ask me and i tell you solution if you like this article please share it!! i hope it help full to you ,how to increase website traffic for free (Update 2018).